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Rangeland Conservation and Telecom: The Same Only Different


People always ask me: “How are telecom and agriculture similar?”

Perhaps a better question is how are they not similar. Both operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Both include long, rich traditions with lots of fun gadgets. Both require innovation. Both attract colorful people.

Of course, there are differences, as we all know. Agriculture has animals and telecom has customers, but both make life worth living (if we exclude the occasional—albeit frustrating—setback).

I love working in telecom at Norcast where we provide telephone and Internet services to businesses. I’m also super proud of my family for being named Conservationists of the Year by the Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District (RCD) and Farm Supply Company. And I don’t think the two are separate; I think they’re part of my same passion and drive.

Indulge me for a moment as I share my passion for the agricultural improvements I’ve been working on over the past year.

I’m sure you are all too aware of California’s multi-year drought. In times like these, it is very important to help make rangeland (open country used for grazing) more drought resistant. My family has had the opportunity to work with the RCD, Cal Poly, and others on a couple different projects. First, we helped build what’s called “cross fencing” to support rotational grazing. Second, we helped start an innovative tillage practice borrowed from Australia called “keyline plowing.” Keyline plowing opens the soil along elevation contours. This allows for greater water absorption, oxygen, and biological activity. The positive effects on our ranch are already quite noticeable with significantly more grass in the improved areas. We are especially excited to share our progress with friends and neighbors.

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Before and After

Of course, these same principles of innovation, collaboration, and sharing ideas are old hat at Norcast. Just like on our ranch, these principles drive our company’s and our customer’s success.

We plan to keep practicing and perfecting these principles. Stop by and see what we are up to sometime. It could be just about anything.

Jeff Buckingham 

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