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Run for the Roses

Photo Credits: Allyson Oken

You may think a telecom company has nothing in common with horse racing. We beg to differ.

The Thoroughbred racehorse Nyquist won the Kentucky Derby earlier this month and tomorrow he runs the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown.

Believe it or not, Norcast actually has quite a few things in common with Nyquist: training, flexibility, creativity, a competitive spirit, nutrition — okay, maybe not nutrition (we do like our occasional donuts after all) — and a shot at the Triple Crown.

Every Chamber of Commerce business trade show has a theme, and we take our involvement very seriously. Really, we wear wigs, frequent thrift stores, and construct props. We’ve been so close, so many times, to 1 st place wins in “Use of theme” or “Best Exhibitor” but have just fallen shy. This year, our luck changed.

It all started with the Templeton Business Expo (the Kentucky Derby of Central Coast business trade shows, shall we say) last month. The theme was “Rock Your Business!” We brought an original working Seeburg 200 Jukebox for attendees to play their favorite hits from the 50’s to 70’s. Leather jackets, poodle skirts, and Joan’s homemade cookies also contributed to our first place win.

Next, the Paso Robles Chamber sponsored, “Around the World the Paso Way” (the Preakness, to keep with our analogy). Our amazing engineers constructed a 20-foot- tall hot air balloon that earned us the “Exhibitor Award” for best activity.

On June 1, we go for the 3 rd and final leg of our Triple Crown: The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce’s “Expo at the Expo.” With more than 150 local exhibitors and 3,500 attendees, it is the largest business tradeshow on the Central Coast. We think we have it nailed, but last year we actually brought a real, live (freshly cleaned) cow to our booth and still didn’t secure the win… I mean, how can a big-eyed Jersey cow not get first place? We’re just going to have to one-up ourselves this year.

So, stay tuned as Norcast tries to break records right along with Nyquist.

Or better yet, visit our booth yourselves. We care more about you than the judges anyway.

Photo Credit: Allyson Oken 

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