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Chris Robles – Customer Experience Field Specialist


You many have seen our recent Facebook post about Chris’ extreme dedication to his softball team. He slid into second base during his game and subsequently dislocated his finger and needed stitches. Least you think softball is Chris’ only passion, we wanted to tell you a little about one of our favorite, new (ish), and multi-faceted guys on our team.

Chris Robles hails from Clovis where he completed Junior High and High School. He set off for the Northwest and started his career in the service industry in the Portland area. Since the beginning, he always excelled. From restaurants and clubs to home improvement stores, Chris is a natural service man.

As a matter of fact, Chris was often “poached” from one company to another. Customers spoke so highly of his enthusiasm, customer care, and readiness to learn that he attracted attention from others in the business world.

That’s how we found him, too.

Michael Gayaldo, our CEO, met Chris as a bank teller and asked him to come for an interview. He has slipped seamlessly into our company.

First, he’s learned telecom quickly.

Second, though arguably more important, he’s superb at hearing our customers’ stories and going the extra mile to make their Norcast experience the best. Seriously, if you call Chris, he’ll make your experience better than you can even imagine. His 16 years in the fine dining industry have certainly helped him be attune to people and their needs. He’s even pushed a stalled truck out of the way once for a waylaid customer. We are glad to call him our Customer Care Field Specialist!

Also, lucky for us, he re-connected with a certain girl (one he had a crush on since high school). She brought him back to California from the land of rain. A friend said, “You should really check out a place called, Morro Bay.” After one weekend trip, they were hooked. Now—a rental, a home purchase, and two darling boys (7 & 3) later—they’ve been Morro Bay-ites for 14 years.

Chris and his family are dedicated to making a difference on the Central Coast through work camaraderie, softball passion, and sheer friendliness! BTW, the game was lost, but Chris is still smiling!

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