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Camping, Trailers & 100 Women


Adventure peaks my interest. Restoring my vintage trailer is one of my favorite hobbies. Socializing is always a high priority.

My ideal weekend? Combining all three of these things together.

When I spent the weekend “glamp-ing” at Lopez Lake Campground with “Sisters on the Fly,” I hit the jackpot. These 100 women also seek adventure, use vintage trailers, and love socializing—plus they enjoy some good ’ole fashion laughs.

“Sisters on the Fly” is the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States. Its membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out, and become more adventurous! The large variety of trailers—some vintage, some new—and tents showed that these women do almost anything possible just to be a participant.

This was my first Sisters event, but it won’t be my last.

Well organized, potluck food galore, a Bluegrass Band to dance a jig to, and specialty drinks served under brightly colored awnings—this campout had it all … and more.

But these “perks” all pale in comparison to the unwavering encouragement I received to stay in the driver’s seat while backing up (for the 1st time) my little Silver Streak trailer. It insisted on being on the brink of jack-knifing for almost an hour, but those women cheered me all the way through.

Just when you think you’ve discovered most of the activities in this big wide world, think again.

It’s so fun to find a whole new group to enrich your life—teaching you skills, showing you camaraderie, and infusing it all with humor.

Jacquie Johnston has been a Partner at Norcast Telecom Networks for many years and on staff for over 5. She is a part of the Branding, Marketing and Events team, and especially enjoys her role in Staff Support which frequently involves drywalling as our team expands happily with Blue Rooster Telecom!

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  1. mary slagle

    Jacquie I am a fan of yours from way back. I love taking my vintage 65 Serro Scotty trailer out and enjoying the southern version of ” Glamping. ” I have been living in the Chattanooga, TN/ North Georgia area since 2013 and it is fun to visit all the spectacular areas in the smokey mountains.

    If I ever do make it back to SLO town, I will try to make a point to visit my old friends at Norcast.


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