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Chrissy Cooper – Customer Experience Extraordinaire


Ever since Chrissy started working, her kindness and enthusiasm pointed her firmly toward a career in Customer Service. Her path led her through Banking and Mortgage before she landed in Telecom. At first, the technology side of telecom kept her from her usual confidence, but her mentor encouraged her: “I can teach you the tech side, but I can’t teach natural Customer Service!”

Now, Chrissy’s an All-Star.

Chrissy says her favorite part of manning the phones at Norcast is, “Being able to help people while having fun.” Her customers know that not only will she be able to help them (she nailed the tech parts, no problem), but also that she’ll care for them. She’ll often get caught up on their latest life decisions or share an ongoing joke.

Tim from Farm Supply had drawings for a Pink Combine all worked up after Chrissy commented on their hold-music of “International Harvester” sung by Craig Morgan.

Chrissy and Jeff Buckingham have worked together on and off since she started in the telecom world. She even received a few calls from customers making sure she would still be their go-to help desk person after Blue Rooster and Norcast joined forces.

Chrissy and Jeff have bonded as Partners-in-Crowing (that’s better than Partners-in-Crime…) and as collaborators on a number of projects. Apparently, Chrissy beats Jeff hands down in assembling file cabinets. She pretty handy!

A local girl, Chrissy loves the water and says there’s nothing more rejuvenating after a day of work than getting your feet wet. It could be the beach or a pool—she not picky. She’s just full of enthusiasm to enjoy each day. That’s one of our favorite things about her.

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