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Mike Thomas: “The Man, the Myth, the MT”


Our VP of Engineering continually amazes us. Not only is he the genius behind Norcast’s inner electronic backbone, but with various cars, 25 pinball machines (19 in full working order), 6 slot machines, and 50 jukeboxes, he is also Norcast’s most eclectic collector.

Mike graduated from Cal Poly in 1981 with his degree in Engineering Technology and never left the Central Coast. He worked his way through college at Mid State Sound and Telephone and stayed on with them until he became Norcast’s first employee 3 days before the company incorporated on June 18, 1999.

He masterminded and built the engine that continually propels us. Technology is an ever-changing landscape—bigger, better, faster. MT always has his finger on the pulse. He not only imparts the knowledge, but also creates the way to make every change feasible and economical.

He claims that he doesn’t have a photographic memory. We beg to differ. He can recite the exact date of almost any event.

Our Phone Systems Administrator, Frank Randise, tells this favorite story:

“Back in the day, our weekly Tech meetings would end with a training session by MT. In one particular session, Mike quoted some specification or procedure from a technical manual in reference to a question asked. After his quote, I blurted out, ‘What’s the page number and copyright date?’ MT looked at me, or rather through me, and gave us the page number and requested date.

“We all laughed because of the spontaneity of the exchange. Then the meeting ended. Minutes later, I received an email from Mike. It simply said, ‘I was right!’ MT and his amazing memory—that has saved us more times than we can count!”

Mike just says, “I only know that I have a great memory for things that interest me.”

From our viewpoint, his memory is a pretty massive pool.

MT loves to say he was born in the “Territory of Hawaii”—he was born on Oahu while his father was in the Navy just before it became a state. Look for him out and about with his Corvair Club or representing Norcast at a Chamber Trade Show … don’t think he’s ever missed one. He’s always been this company’s biggest cheerleader.

His massive brain, staunch commitment, and quiet quips make him one of the most humorous and best loved personalities on our team.

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  1. Amber Helmace

    YOU ROCK Mike Thomas!!! :)


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