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Norcast’s “Real” Series – Real Service


In our “Real” series, we ask members of our team what Real Experience, Real Local, Real Service, and Real Support mean to them. This week, our Director of Customer Experience, Justin Coalwell, shares his perspective. To Justin, Real Service is …

“Customer service” is overused”

It is a catch phrase—a tag line used to impress consumers, boost sales, and drum up business. It is a tired cliché stripped of real meaning and relegated to lip service in the pursuit of increased profitability … sorry, I’m just being honest.

Real service is far less sexy.

It is not about impressing others or drawing attention to yourself. It’s about getting dirty. It’s about being a servant. When I help a customer, I do things I don’t always want to do. Sometimes, to give better service, I need to willingly lose. I need to walk the path of humility by putting the customer and their needs before my own.

I like being right. But in service, I need to be willing to be wrong, willing to do what’s best for the customer, even when it hurts my personal schedule or my ego. I have had to learn to let others win even if I lose.

Service is a verb. Servant is the noun. Service is what a servant does.

I have never heard a child say, “When I grow up I want to be a servant.” This tells me that real service runs contrary to our human nature. I have found that real service is really hard work. It requires me to value others above myself. I have to re-commit every day that I will not live for my own fulfillment but for the fulfillment of others.

Real service at Norcast is meeting the needs of our customers in an exceptional, dare I say surprising, manner. It is doing the right thing in the right way. We love to make our customers happy by providing service that exceeds their expectations. Get Real. Get Norcast.

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