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Norcast’s “Real” Series – Real Experience


In our “Real” series, we ask members of our team what Real Experience, Real Local, Real Service, and Real Support mean to them. This week, our Regional Sales Manager, Nick Newbrough, shares his perspective. To Nick, Real Experience is …

To me, Real Experience means having someone who truly cares about what you really need as a business owner.

People pitch new ideas and new products to business owners all the time. But someone with Real Experience only shares the best ideas—the right ideas.

Our team members have years—in some cases decades—of experience working with our many friends and neighbors in business on the Central Coast. But we don’t just focus on building business relationships, we focus on building real friendships. We provide the right solutions for today while preparing businesses for tomorrow by visiting business friends and customers in person—a process very different from choosing from options on a web site or over the phone. The real, personal contact and experience continues to make a difference into the future as the businesses grow and, when inevitable challenges come, we’ll be there, in person, with the customer and their IT support team to overcome challenges and get them back to business as usual.

Real experience has taught us many lessons. For example, a company that is very familiar with technology often wants a solution that is more complex and allows for a lot of involvement by the customer. On the other hand, non-technology based businesses often want a reliable solution that does not require technical skills to operate. Businesses in the “stability phase” often seek a solution with a capital investment that reduces monthly operating costs, while fast-growing business often shy away from capital investments that they will soon outgrow in favor of a solution with scalable, monthly costs that can quickly grow with the company. We apply these experiences to understand our customers and suggest the best-fit solution on an individual basis.

Our people use their Real Experience everyday, on every phone call, and at every meeting. It’s “real” because real-live people will come visit you in person. It’s “experience” because our research and hands-on training allows us to understand the complicated, ever-changing technological world and explain solutions to our clients.

We simply show customers how to improve their telecom backbone, not only by addressing each customer’s present needs, but also by planning ahead for their company’s future growth.

In short, we partner with our customers to provide the best telecom experience with the best customer service both now and in the future.

That’s Experience. That’s Real Experience.

Get Real. Get Norcast.

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