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Wine Women & Shoes Are Helping End Sexual Violence

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At Norcast, we like wine. We like shoes, too. And the women on our team are awesome.

So, when the local nonprofit RISE put Wine Women & Shoes together in a fundraiser to help them end sexual assault and intimate partner violence in SLO County, we had to get involved.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We were already involved.

Over the past 5 years, Norcast has supported the North County Women’s Shelter. A couple of years ago, the North County Women’s Shelter merged with the Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention (SARP) Center of San Luis Obispo. This expanded team is known as RISE.

For our CEO, Michael Gayaldo, RISE’s work is vital to SLO County.

“RISE heals lives forever,” Michael says. “Being involved in their work has been a deep and meaningful experience for me personally and for our whole team at Norcast. We are honored to support their influential and powerful work, and we look forward to many years of involvement with this terrific organization!”

RISE provides crisis intervention and treatment services to survivors of sexual violence. The nonprofit provides all services in English and Spanish, at low or no cost, to anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ability.

Not only is Michael on the RISE Board of Directors, he’s also the “Sole Man” at the upcoming Wine Women & Shoes fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, from 1 to 5 p.m. at Spanish Oaks Ranch in Santa Margarita.

What are you doing on Sept. 12?

We’d love for you to join us in supporting this great cause.

We believe in this cause—so much so, in fact, that we donated phone and Internet to RISE for the next 5 years.

RISE made us a “Legacy Partner” and gave us their Support Award. But we’re not involved for accolades.

We’re involved to change lives.

Jennifer Adams, RISE Executive Director, told us recently that “Norcast Telecom knows us. We feel like they have become friends through our work together on the Central Coast.”

That is what we’re all about—knowing people. Discovering their stories, becoming their friends, and helping meet their needs. By partnering with RISE, we can better accomplish this goal.

And if, along the way, we can incorporate Wine Women & Shoes—well, that’s just the icing on top.

Learn more about RISE and purchase tickets to Wine Women & Shoes here


  1. Jennifer Adams

    Thank you! Wonderful article! Look forward to seeing you next week at the event!

  2. Kate Perry

    Great article Michael! Thanks for all the Norcast support! September 12th looks to be great fun-looking forward to a great turnout!

  3. Barbie Butz

    I’ve been involved with the North County Women’s Shelter program since the 90s and I’ve seen it grow to what it has become today.I sat on the early Board of Directors with Lori Filipponi, Robert “Grigger” Jones, Edie Knight, Larry Putnam, Dennis Cassidy and many other devoted supporters…I served as President of the Board and we lived through many changes… Now, as a member of Friends of the Women’s Shelter, I help to plan and execute fundraising activities.
    Thank you, Michael Gayaldo, and your Norcast team, for joining the “RISE” team to help those victims of domestic violence and their families. It is people like you who help all of us to spread the word about this vital organization. Keep up the good work you do!

  4. Adrienne Hawkinson

    This should fill a few chairs! Thanks ,Mike. ah


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