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Norcast’s “Real” Series – Real Local


In our “Real” series, we ask members of our team what Real Experience, Real Local, Real Service, and Real Support mean to them. This week, our President, Jeff Buckingham, shares his perspective. To Jeff, Real Local is …

I hear this from customers all the time: “How are things going? Isn’t the telecommunications market very competitive?”

For a lot of telecom companies, the answer is “yes,” but for Norcast the answer is “not really.”

Most customers in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties are small- to medium-sized businesses who make their decisions locally. Most of our local business customers tell us that they prefer to do business with other local service providers, when possible.

It’s no wonder. Being local benefits our customers.

Our team lives and works in the area. Our customers see us and talk with us at kids’ sports events, Chamber mixers, Rotary meetings, and the grocery store. Many of our Norcast team members have known and worked with our customers for years, sometimes through different employers.

So when something happens, we’re all hands on deck until we solve the problem. We all strive for zero down time, but even with the best equipment, technology occasionally fails. Recently, a customer’s service went down on a Sunday. We knew that this customer operates 7 days a week, and we were able to repair the problem on Sunday evening before the start of business on Monday morning, leading to minimal time down. Being local allowed us to act quickly.

Another time, a customer was looking at moving his business and needed to know which of the new potential location options could support the highest speed Internet connections. Norcast provided the needed information in minutes. Being local gives us accurate, specialized information about Internet service in each part of town.

Real Local is our competitive advantage.

But Real Local is more than just an advantages; it’s one of our favorite aspects of our business.

We know a lot about the way our customer’s do business. We know what types of services they need, and we know how businesses on the Central Coast operate because, well, we’re one of them, too. This personal, long-term relationship makes it easier for Central Coast business owners and managers to work with Norcast.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather develop an ongoing relationship than have to re-explain your situation to a different person in a different time zone every time you called customer support?

By being local, we get to help our clients succeed in ways that large, out-of-area competitors can only imagine. And helping our clients succeed is our favorite.

Get Real. Get Norcast.

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