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Competitive Telecommunications Association CompTel is now INCOMPAS.


Exciting news in the telecommunications industry—COMPTEL, the leading trade association for competitive networks, is now INCOMPAS!

While this might not seem like earth-shattering news at first glance, the deeper reasons that prompted this name change significantly impact the telecommunications world for the better.

Since 1981, COMPTEL has been the driving force for promoting and enhancing competition in the telecommunications industry. Along the way, COMPTEL grew stronger by combining with smaller associations such as ACTA and OSPA. But, for the past 3 ½ decades, only telephone and Internet companies and suppliers belonged to COMPTEL. These COMPTEL members played a pivotal role in creating the original Telecom Act of 1996, which opened up local telephone competition across the country. Through its advocacy efforts, COMPTEL became the strongest voice for competition and economic growth through technological advances, new services, affordable prices, and greater choice.

Now, with this new name change, the doors are flung wide open for new and more diverse members.

INCOMPAS now includes video providers, social media leaders, content providers, wireless companies, Internet companies, international leaders, start-ups and venture capitalists among its members. Think Google, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, AngelList, Level 3, XO Communications, Rocket Fiber and T-Mobile.

So you see, the name change reflects the organization’s growth and commitment to defending competition across a much wider array of technologies.

This expansion excites us! Why? Because it will further strengthen the message and support a competitive marketplace.

Chip Pickering, INCOMPAS CEO, announced the name change at the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2015 Business Expo in San Francisco last month.

This new larger organization will be in a position to advocate for policies that are pro-competition and include a perspective that goes way beyond telecommunications providers alone. The new association’s members are tied together with a strong commitment for open networks and support of the principle of Net Neutrality.

We are excited to see what the next phase of advocacy for telecom competition will look like and how we can get involved.

See the video about the new INCOMPAS association:


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