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Nesting for the Next Generation


“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Dory from Finding Nemo wasn’t too far off the mark with her famous quote. I know many of us are in that mode, especially as we try to juggle careers, child-rearing, friends, and life. Then, all of a sudden, a milestone occurs, and we look up and think, “What, already? Did we really make it?”

My last child finished high school this week, and my eldest is about to have my first grandchild. Each of those things are huge in their own right. One is an exhale and one an inhale. Wow and wow.

I know many have crossed into the Empty Nest. I thought I’d see it as just a quieter house, but really, I see it as “Man, we did it!”

I helped successfully navigate a human being through the maze of education. That is no small feat. Whether through public school, homeschool, or on-line learning, it’s a haul! Of course, parenting is not over. Still, I’m elated every time I think of my release from helping with the constant haze of homework.

My daughter will, of course, continue to learn through life, especially next year in the college arena, but I can put my prod away. My grand-daughter will come, but she’ll have her own parents to manage her path—I’ll just get to shed some light here and there.

Can I really now sit back and relax a little? It almost seems too good to be true.

Everyone keeps asking me, “Are you so excited to be a grandma?” I tell myself that I need some sort of physical manifestation before I feel a maternal connection. Truth is, I don’t. Truth is, I’m already nesting. At Norcast, everyone watches and experiences my cyclone of clean-up, re-organizing, and painting. I’m usually the nagging voice to keep us ship shape, and I love that this team fully supports my nesting whirlwind as they cheer on the extension of our “family.”

So I guess I’m not really sitting back and relaxing. I guess you’re never really done loving and pouring into those around you. I guess life’s more about the swimming and less about the resting, more about the nest and less about the empty.

Jacquie Johnston

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